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Services Provided

Feelings of hopelessness resulting in isolation and a sense of being lost in darkness plague individuals suffering from depression.  

Are you engaged? Couples complete a questionnaire through the Prepare-Enrich program toprovide a "snapshot" of their strengths and areas needing attention. 

Abortion, Codependency, Life Transitions, Marriage, Motherhood, Sexuality, & Women's Health.

For couples struggling with marital conflict in effective communication, intimacy problems, parenting disparities, and infidelity.

Living in continuous "hyperdrive" produces exhaustion contributing significantly to the thought of losing control. 

Need a change of scenery? A park setting provides a peaceful landscape under the sunshine, a beautiful backdrop! Ask for details

The lasting emotional impact trauma has on the survivor can be physically, mentally and spiritually debilitating. 

Do you struggle controlling your anger? Anger is not a bad emotion. However, improper management can negatively affect relationships and physical health. 

¡Ser una consejera bilingüe es una bendicion! Ofrezco a la comunidad Hispana servicios de consejeria en Español en persona, telesalud, y telefonica para los clientes ancianos y quienes no son diestros con la tecnologia.

Acceptance of who you are requires understanding yourself. When the needs according to temperament are met a person achieves balance and peace. Which needs have been unmet for you? 

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