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Services Provided

Tired of feeling sad. empty, and irritable? Feelings of hopelessness resulting in isolation and a sense of being lost in darkness plague individuals suffering from depression.  

Are you engaged? Couples complete a questionnaire through the Prepare-Enrich program which provides a "snapshot" of their strengths and areas needing attention. 

Abortion, Codependency, Life Transitions, Marriage, Motherhood, Sexuality, & Women's Health.

For couples struggling with marital conflict in effective communication, intimacy problems, parenting disparities, and infidelity.

Feel as though you cannot control anxiety or panic attacks? Living in continuous "hyperdrive" produces exhaustion contributing significantly to the thought of losing control. 

Need a change of scenery? A park setting provides a peaceful landscape under the sunshine; a beautiful backdrop contributing to the therapeutic process. Ask for details!

Have you experienced a deeply distressing or disturbing experience? The lasting emotional impact trauma has on the survivor can be physically, mentally and spiritually debilitating. 

Do you struggle with controlling your anger? Anger is not a bad emotion. However, improper management can negatively affect relationships and physical health. 

¡Ser una consejera bilingüe es una bendicion! Comparto el privilegio ofreciendo a la comunidad Hispana servicios de consejeria en Español en persona, telesalud, y telefonica para los clientes ancianos.

Acceptance of who you are requires understanding yourself. When the needs according to temperament are met a person achieves balance and peace. Which needs have been unmet for you? 

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